Neurological Stress Reduction TherapyNeurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT) gives patients with stress and anxiety a therapeutic option by providing an approach to health that is established on valid and accepted science.  To understand the concept of NSRT, it is essential to learn the four facts on which the therapy is based on:

  • Most health related conditions are caused by stress. Studies show that stress is associated with 85% of known human diseases and illness. Millions of people suffer from various stress-related symptoms for which they seek medication.
  • The brain forms a connection between substances and stressful events which are usually unsuitable and later result to a host of acute and chronic conditions.
  • A significant decrease in stress levels can restore your body into balance and essentially reduce symptoms of many conditions.
  • Connections are interrupted by presenting a positive stimulus in combination with the definite stress-triggering substance. The disconnection of substances and stressful events can reduce and eliminate stress-related symptoms.

NSRT includes Low Level Light Therapy, Meridian and Energy Stress Assessment technology, herbal and nutritional supplementations along with composite homeopathic remedies to support natural and healthy detoxification, restore body balance, and boost core energy level.  NSRT does not treat or diagnose any conditions, symptoms or diseases, but it serves as a major factor in various health-related protocols including:

  • biological aging,
  • pain management,
  • inflammation,
  • body balancing,
  • weight management,
  • smoking cessation.

In Low Level Light Therapy, low level lasers or light emitting diodes (LEDs) are introduced to the body on particular acupoints to counteract the stress response and trigger the natural healing process of the body. The light transports harmonic frequencies to the cells which correspond to the brain through the body, stimulating the production of serotonin, endorphins, and enkephalins which reduce stress and calm the body. The fight or flight response by the nervous system can be lowered or eradicated with the use of NSRT. These responses contribute for symptoms generally associated with asthma, allergies, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, autism, ADHD, ADD, chronic fatigue, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, and skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema.

To understand the concept of light therapy, we take the sunlight as an example. Exposure to sunlight introduces a sequence of physiological and metabolic changes and perception of the information present in the sunlight. It provokes your body to produce and absorb vitamin D3 and to release melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation. You are not even aware of these effects but these are immediate metabolic response taking place after sun exposure. The same principle is applied on treating children with jaundice manifested by a yellowish pigmentation of their skin. The young patients are exposed under specific lights which stimulate the liver to process bilirubin. These are just some of the instances where the healing power of light is applied.

Meridian and Energy Stress Assessment technology utilizes skin level examination to determine which substances (chemical, environmental or food) are responsible for the development of mental and physical stress on the body. The adverse effects of these substances range from mild to severe conditions. Symptoms can be substantially reduced or eliminated by identifying or assessing specific substances that have triggered the increase of physiological stress on the nervous system and ensuing remedy to prepare the body to respond normally during exposure to stressful events. This technology works by identifying your specific triggers in an attempt to get rid of these substances before the symptom even starts. This way, you are able to prevent the symptom rather than treat the symptom.

NSRT uses a state-of-the-art type of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to provide safe and convenient holistic skin level assessment that presents information about the body and its responsive quality. This process involves painless and non-invasive procedure that works the same way as a “lie detector” in measuring the level of stress. Based on baseline stress parameters, GSR uses harmonic frequencies to measure the duration, slope, strength and other factors that can associate a specific substance to the stress at that moment in time. Sensors are attached on the skin that detects and records upsurge of stress. It is fully automated and only requires only 5 to 10 minutes for a complete body scan.

As a part of NSRT:

  • Low level light is introduced to the body on particular acupoints to bring back balance to the meridian system and to deliver harmonic frequencies to the cells.
  • Light therapy reduces many types of musculoskeletal inflammation and pain.
  • A significant reduction in stress supports the utilization of fewer resources and sustains balance or homeostasis.

Stress reduction is the quickest path to overall wellness

In fighting stress, it’s just crucial to learn the effects of both physiological and psychological stress on your overall health and state of well-being. NSRT is aimed on restoring body balance by reducing stress.

During light therapy, nerve bundle stimulation is activated by the release of endorphins and enkephalins. These anti-stress hormones are your natural pain killer and sedative which are responsible for calming your nervous system by eradicating negative association and substituting it with a positive association. The outcome is the favorable adaptation of the mind and body during the occurrences of stressful events.

There are several ways that the body can expel substances or metabolic wastes. These symptomatic expressions include diarrhea, sneezing, breathing difficulty, skin welting and itching, and many more. The body can naturally detect harmful substances and eliminates some of it through the digestive, circulatory, integumentary, musculo-skeletal and nervous systems. NSRT assists the body in the removal of all toxins and metabolic wastes thereby alleviating associated symptoms.

NSRT is one of the most preferred therapeutic remedies for stress relief because it provides objective and accurate results from specific assessment with the use of non-invasive procedure that requires no needles, no dietary restrictions and no drugs making it a holistic and safe alternative for stress relief. It is highly recommended and effective for people of all ages, from newborn babies to adults.