With the many things going on in our lives right now, we can’t help but be stressed from time to time. Gemmotherapy alternatives to the rescue, here! Before that, realities here! For one, there are varied demands at work with tight deadlines. Plus, sitting in traffic is definitely taking its toll. Not to mention the things you need to do at home and the responsibilities that you need to tackle every day. It is life, but a great one depending how you spare your free time or who you spend it.

Fact is, stress indeed is a fact of life. There would really come a time that we will experience it. However, we need not succumb in stress. To date, there are already a lot of stress management ways that we can do. Some of these are even made easier and can be done at home. That is why there is absolutely no excuse why you can’t get over it.

One popular remedy to cure stress is gemmotheraphy! However, it is not the only method made available. We are even familiar with the traditional ways to relieve stress such as deep breathing, exercise, massage and meditation. Yet, there are still a lot of alternatives to release stress. As such, I shall be presenting the three effective alternatives to let go of stress. As an added bonus, you can easily do these methods and does not require even buying something from the stores. These are considered unconventional yet fun ways to say goodbye to stress.

#1 Write

Should you be having a bad day today and it seems it is pretty far-fetched to do those alternatives to release stress, the best way that you can do in the moment is to write the feeling. Yes you read that right. Writing can help to release stress. Take 10 to 15 minutes to write about the events that triggered stress. Write even the person involved and the feeling. Scribble down those things and get them off your chest. When we write about stressful events, we are simply not marking permanent those awful moments. In fact, this can help put things in perspective. It also has a lot of beneficial factor on one’s well being. For one, you can be able to track your stress. By documenting and putting into words your stress, you can be able to identify further what causes and triggers it. Plus, you will also have a gauge on the stress level you felt on that particular moment. Another benefit of writing as alternatives to release stress is that it has been shown to reduce disease symptoms.

To get started with your stress journal, you need to be able to maintain a notebook where you can doodle your thoughts and your feelings. Start by writing on things that happened to you during the day. What sets this journal different from the usual diaries is that you also need to include how those events made you feel. Make your journal your friend whom you can vent your frustrations too. Another approach that you can ground on is to shift the focus. Turn unpleasant events to happier things and thoughts. You can do so by writing the things that you appreciate today in your life. Be thankful of the graces and gifts that you received today.

#2 Sleep

If you think you can’t write your stress and your feelings which by the way are truly great alternatives to stress, you might want to consider sleeping the stress away. Sleep has been the most important natural stress reducer. You see, when we sleep too little we wake up cranky and irritable. If we sleep too much, it can leave us sluggish and even sleepier during the day. Both can heighten stress level. That is why it is important to strike a balance of sleep so you will end up well-rested and ready. In order to do so, promote better sleep by establishing varied bedtime notes. This will help signal to the brain that it is time to fall asleep. For started, do not exercise three hours before your usual bedtime. It is also ideal to add certain foods during dinner that promotes better sleep such as bananas, peanuts, carbohydrates, figs and dairy. These foods have known to contain trytophans which is a precursor for creating melatonin. It is also important to note to not have a large meal before bedtime. This can result to indigestion, reflux and heartburn.

It is also important to take a quick nap in the middle of the day. This will help your body recharge of the energies that you’ve drained earlier and will get you ready for the rest of the day. A 15 to 20 minutes nap can yield incredible benefits. This is also effective in treating sleep deprivation.

#3 Enjoy

Take the time to do things that you enjoy most especially when you are stress. Enjoyment and playing are definitely great alternatives to stress. By making the time to do so, it can help us relax and unwind. Plus, you will also rediscover yourself and connect with your inner core on the things you love to do best. To get you started with your enjoyment time, start by having fun. What are the things you enjoy doing when you were still a kid? Do you love running? Do you love playing a board game? How about riding a bike? Reconnect with your childhood and determine the things that you haven’t been doing for years. Go bowling or better yet shoot some hoops. You might find it silly and inappropriate considering your age yet recreations are a good way to decompress and more so reduce the effects of stress.

You might also want to learn a new hobby or two such as gardening. You might find doing some creative activities enjoyable like arts or crafts. Other alternatives to stress does not only limit to the things mentioned above. You can even do some volunteer work in your local church or community.

If you are currently suffering from stress, these alternatives to stress would be a great way to get it all fixed up. You might want to try any of these immediately in order to alleviate yourself. Even more, there are still other methods that you can try that are equally easy and effective.