We’re all living in a world that drives us to several states of mind – worried, anxious, nervous, tired, and freaked out. We’re all feeling one of those over money, family, love, work, health, and even society. Our heart is beating fast, our mind is cluttered, our breathing is rapid, and our body just wants to relax but it can’t.

Because the mind is affected, our body is affected as well. Our mental fatigue and stress created psychosomatic symptoms, or rather the body has become physically affected as well. When we’ve reached our limit, think of how our body and mind will be.

With that said, it’s important that we first seek out natural cures for mind, as clearing the mind can also help in clearing the body. From the treatment of a full-blown anxiety attack to a simple act of clearing the thoughts of stress and worry, these natural cures for mind are guaranteed to help you feel and think better.

Chamomile tea as natural cure

Chamomile tea is one of the best natural cures for mind as it can help you calm down. This is due to the compounds found in chamomile that bind to the neural receptors, similar to drugs like Valium – but minus the pharmaceutical consequences.
You can take it in tea form or as a supplement. The latter contains 1.2% apigenin – an active component of the tea – plus dried chamomile flowers.

L-theanine (or green tea)

Buddhist monks are believed to be able to meditate for a long period of time but still maintain a heightened state of relaxation and alertness. This is all because of Green Tea, or rather, the active component called L-Theanine.
Studies show that L-Theanine can curb rising heart rate and blood pressure and few studies done on humans show that they can reduce anxiety. In one such study, anxious individuals were calmer and focused when they took 200 milligrams of L-Theanine. You can benefit the same dosage by drinking green tea. An estimate of about 5 cups minimum spread throughout the day.


Ever wondered why beer is relaxing? It’s because of the presence of hops, though you don’t need to drink beer to enjoy the benefits. The sedative compounds of the herb hops are considered as one of the natural cures for mind.


For those looking for natural cures for mind, sleeping is the way to go and what better way to aid in sleeping than Valerian.

Valerian herbs (Valeriana officinalis) is an effective sleep aid that’s good against insomnia and has been approved by the German government as a treatment for sleep-related problems.

Be warned – Valerian smells really bad even in capsule form. Take it an hour or so before you go to sleep and before you know it, you’re knocked out and refreshed.

Unlike most sleeping pills, Valerian gives you a refreshed feeling when you wake up.


Acupuncture is considered as one of the most ancient forms of natural cures for mind, even though it’s more physical. Acupuncture is a component of ancient Chinese medicine and is done by inserting needles through the skin. These needles are placed in strategic places that are said to be responsible for clotting or redirecting the body’s chi, or the body’s lifeforce.

Needles are placed through these acupoints to rouse the nervous system and encourage the release of compounds and endorphins to the spinal cord, brain, and muscles. This will then change the experience of pain faced by the patient and the release of the chemicals and hormones will be able to influence the body’s internal regulating system.


Like acupuncture, aromatherapy is also one of the oldest natural cures for mind, often used to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disturbances, and sleep disorders.

Aromatherapy makes use of scents from essential oils extracted from plants. The oil is extracted, distilled, and often mixed with other substances like lotion or alcohol for treatment. The oil is either applied to the skin, sprayed to the air, or inhaled.

Aromatherapy works because the scent can trigger neurotransmitters and other compounds that stimulate parts of the limbic system (the system that houses emotions and behaviour), thus resulting in more improved and happier mood.


Hydrotherapy is great for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, pain relief, and knee osteoarthritis. The healing power of water is used to maintain optimum health and treat disease – mainly through steam or mineral baths, whirlpool, hot and cold wet body wraps, and watsu or aquatic physical therapy.

Practitioners of hydrotherapy claim that these immersion treatments are effective in detoxification and in expanding the blood vessels, and enhance the immune system. Native Americans often use sweat lodges to cleanse the body of toxins or poisons.


This one practically needs no introduction. Massage can help treat a lot of ailments and improve the health of patients. Massage is often used to induce relaxation, improve and maintain quality of sleep, enhance immune function, reduce back pain, and migraines.

Through the power of touch, massage touches through the soft tissues, like muscles and connective tissues, to release tension. There are more than 80 types of massages, with the more popular ones like Swedish and Thai Massage. They are also categorized according to their strength.


Meditation is a natural cure for the mind and used to treat stress, hypertension, and depression. This is a simple and quick way to reduce stress on both mind and body through the refocusing of attention in order to calm the thoughts. This includes making use of mindfulness meditation, guided visualization or imagery, or repeating a mantra.

Like a monk, meditation can reduce activity on the sympathetic nervous system – the part of the brain responsible for fight-and-flight response. Meditation can also lower your heart rate, relax your muscles, lower blood pressure, and slow your breathing. Because of the consistent change of the body’s inner workings, meditation can change the cerebral cortex’s structure in the brain – the part of the brain that can affect memory, consciousness, thought, and attention.

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