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5 Herbal Medicines That Serve as Therapeutic Remedy

There are several herbal remedies to treat stress, depression and anxiety. Some of these herbs manifest immediate result while others need to be used on a longer period of time to sustain their effects. Your repository of natural remedies is about to get more extensive with the use of these healing herbs known to relieve [&hellip


5 Natural Healing Methods for Your Body

When it comes to treating ailments and diseases today, we are always used with the idea of going to the doctor impromptu. However, there are some illnesses wherein a doctor can’t even find a cure. Ironically, even if we our modern medicines grew in leaps and bounds, natural healing methods might still be some of [&hellip


How Acupuncture Can Serve as Therapeutic Remedy

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine healing technique which dates back to 3000 years ago. It is also popular in the US as a therapeutic remedy to relieve bodily pain. The procedure might not seem so pleasant but it is actually not as painful as it looks. How does acupuncture work? It enhances the body’s [&hellip


Gemmotherapy Alternatives: 3 Ways to Release Stress!

With the many things going on in our lives right now, we can’t help but be stressed from time to time. Gemmotherapy alternatives to the rescue, here! Before that, realities here! For one, there are varied demands at work with tight deadlines. Plus, sitting in traffic is definitely taking its toll. Not to mention the [&hellip


9 Natural Cures for your Mind and Body

We’re all living in a world that drives us to several states of mind – worried, anxious, nervous, tired, and freaked out. We’re all feeling one of those over money, family, love, work, health, and even society. Our heart is beating fast, our mind is cluttered, our breathing is rapid, and our body just wants [&hellip


6 Great Benefits of Therapeutic Massages

There are more benefits of therapeutic massages than just relaxation. Several studies have shown the emotional and physical benefits of even a single session of therapeutic massage. The reported benefits have increased, supported by a large number of positive feedbacks and testimonials by customers. The following are the 6 great benefits of therapeutic massages: Therapeutic [&hellip


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